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Fortune Teller - Mobil6000 -

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Terms for one who claims to see into the future include fortune teller , crystal-gazer , spaewife , seer , soothsayer , sibyl , clairvoyant , and prophet ; related terms which might include this among other abilities are oracle , augur , and visionary.

Fortune telling is dismissed by the scientific community and scientific skeptics as being based on magical thinking and superstition.

Common methods used for fortune telling in Europe and the Americas include astromancy , horary astrology , pendulum reading, spirit board reading, tasseography reading tea leaves in a cup , cartomancy fortune telling with cards , tarot reading , crystallomancy reading of a crystal sphere , and chiromancy palmistry, reading of the palms.

The last three have traditional associations in the popular mind with the Roma and Sinti people often called "gypsies". Another form of fortune telling, sometimes called "reading" or "spiritual consultation", does not rely on specific devices or methods, but rather the practitioner gives the client advice and predictions which are said to have come from spirits or in visions.

Western fortune tellers typically attempt predictions on matters such as future romantic, financial, and childbearing prospects.

Many fortune tellers will also give "character readings". These may use numerology , graphology , palmistry if the subject is present , and astrology.

In contemporary Western culture , it appears that women consult fortune tellers more than men. Telephone consultations with psychics at very high rates grew in popularity through the s but they have not replaced traditional methods.

Discussing the role of fortune telling in society, Ronald H. Isaacs, an American rabbi and author, opined, "Since time immemorial humans have longed to learn that which the future holds for them.

Thus, in ancient civilization, and even today with fortune telling as a true profession, humankind continues to be curious about its future, both out of sheer curiosity as well as out of desire to better prepare for it.

Popular media outlets like the New York Times have explained to their American readers that although years ago, soothsayers were prized advisers to the Assyrians , they lost respect and reverence during the rise of Reason in the 17th and 18th centuries.

With the rise of commercialism, "the sale of occult practices [adapted to survive] in the larger society," according to sociologists Danny L.

In a nation where the power of crystals and the likelihood that angels hover nearby prompt more contemplation than ridicule, it may not be surprising that one million people a year call Ms.

Peder Zane that a wide variety of people consulted her: If people knew how many people, especially the very rich and powerful ones, went to psychics, their jaws would drop through the floor.

Rogers "claims to have 4, names in her rolodex. In , Danny Jorgensen , a professor of Religious Studies at the University of South Florida offered a spiritual explanation for the popularity of fortune telling.

He said that people visit psychics or fortune tellers to gain self-understanding, [8] and knowledge which will lead to personal power or success in some aspect of life.

In , Ken Feingold offered a different explanation for why people seek out fortune tellers: The idea is clear—we know that our time is limited and that we want things in our lives to happen in accord with our wishes.

Realizing that our wishes have little power, we have sought technologies for gaining knowledge of the future… gain power over our own [lives]. Ultimately, the reasons a person consults a diviner or fortune teller are mediated by cultural expectations and by personal desires, and until a statistically rigorous study of the phenomenon has been conducted, the question of why people consult fortune tellers is wide open for opinion-making.

Traditional fortune tellers vary in methodology, generally using techniques long established in their cultures and thus meeting the cultural expectations of their clientele.

In the United States and Canada, among clients of European ancestry, palmistry is popular [10] and, as with astrology and tarot card reading , advice is generally given about specific problems besetting the client.

Non-religious spiritual guidance may also be offered. An American seclairvoyant by the name of Catherine Adams has written, "My philosophy is to teach and practice spiritual freedom, which means you have your own spiritual guidance, which I can help you get in touch with.

In the African American community, where many people practice a form of folk magic called hoodoo or rootworking, a fortune-telling session or "reading" for a client may be followed by practical guidance in spell-casting and Christian prayer , through a process called "magical coaching".

In addition to sharing and explaining their visions, fortune tellers can also act like counselors by discussing and offering advice about their clients' problems.

Some fortune tellers support themselves entirely on their divination business; others hold down one or more jobs, and their second jobs may or may not relate to the occupation of divining.

In , Danny L. In , the sociologists Danny L. For instance, fortune telling is a class B misdemeanor in the state of New York.

Under New York State law, S A person is guilty of fortune telling when, for a fee or compensation which he directly or indirectly solicits or receives, he claims or pretends to tell fortunes, or holds himself out as being able, by claimed or pretended use of occult powers, to answer questions or give advice on personal matters or to exercise, influence or affect evil spirits or curses; except that this section does not apply to a person who engages in the aforedescribed conduct as part of a show or exhibition solely for the purpose of entertainment or amusement.

Lawmakers who wrote this statute acknowledged that fortune tellers do not restrict themselves to "a show or exhibition solely for the purpose of entertainment or amusement" and that people will continue to seek out fortune tellers even though fortune tellers operate in violation of the law.

Similarly, in New Zealand , Section 16 of the Summary Offences Act provides a one thousand dollar penalty for anyone who sets out to "deceive or pretend" for financial recompense that they possess telepathy or clairvoyance or acts as a medium for money through use of "fraudulent devices.

For starters, when you do not want to invest too much, you can go to other people's houses or call them to your own place for a fortune telling session.

This will solve the issue of getting a place of your own. However, you can also set up a booth by the beach where there will be lots of crowd.

Similarly, you can also set up a table on a busy sidewalk. Also, you can set up a storefront or put up a booth in front of a storefront. However, for the latter, you will have to share a certain amount from the proceeds with the storefront owner.

Wherever you keep your stall, ensure that it is an area which attracts a lot of crowd. Once, you start earning well through this business, you can rent a commercial property or even buy yourself a small space, and expand your business.

It is very important that the place where you sit for telling fortune exudes a cosmic ambiance. If you are setting up your office at home, you can add features like crystal bowls, colorful lights, bead curtains, etc.

Your place should have a mysterious surrounding to it. People should believe that they are seeing a genuine fortune teller when they visit you.

Hence, whether it is a small stall or a rented place, try to decorate it in such a manner that a maximum number of people will be drawn towards it.

Dress for the Job. Ideally speaking, would you ever visit a fashion designer who doesn't look the part?

Similarly, it is very important that your outfit and personality speaks volumes about your profession. Try to get your hands on the appropriate clothing, either from online stores or a state in your city.

You could wear a long kaftan with a turban draped in an eastern European style. Try to wear lots of beads and gemstones.

Make sure the accessories are chunky, and make you stand out distinctly. Wear bright-colored clothes, and try to put on heavy makeup.

Remember, everything about your personality should have an air of mystery. Keep Learning New Methods. Whether it is astrology, palmistry, face-reading, or tarot card reading, it is advisable that you train yourself with as many fortune telling methods as you can.

This way, you can cater to the needs of more number of people. Not only this, some people have specific needs, and want to know their future through a certain fortune telling method only.

Hence, it becomes all the more important that you keep on learning new methods of fortune telling, and keep updating your knowledge to increase your customer base.

However, remember that whatever you learn should be used for the benefits of others. Decide Upon the Charges. At the beginning of your profession, keep nominal charges for telling fortune to others.

You can decide these charges by comparing the rates of competitors. Not only this, but try not to charge too much, or else people will not visit you a lot, and you may lose out on your customer base.

You may even charge them extra if you are going to their residence for consultation. People will be compelled to visit her instead.

Unless you become an established fortune teller, expecting exorbitant fees will only drive customers away. It is important that you conduct your business honestly.

If you unnecessarily make people buy expensive things like gemstones, healing crystals, etc. Also, indulging in malpractices under the pretext of telling fortune can even cause your license to be revoked.

It can also land you in trouble with the law if someone files a complaint against you. Follow fair practices, and keep a proper record of all your income.

Ensure that the people who come to you have only good words to say about you. The best promotion which works for this kind of business is word of mouth.

If a person is satisfied with your fortune telling capabilities, he will go and tell others about you. Also, once your business is settled, set up a website for the various fortune telling and allied services you offer.

Try to put testimonials of people on it to attract others. Also, have a dedicated page on Facebook, and a Twitter account. Also, if you land an opportunity to do a local radio show or a TV interview, don't miss out on it.

You can even advertise about your fortune telling services. Eventually, as you become established in your work, you can also write a weekly column for a local newspaper, magazine, or website.

You can also earn extra money by selling things like crystals, gemstones, beads, charms, candles, censers, etc. However, don't force them into buying all this stuff.

Now that you know how to become a fortune teller, use your abilities to help others as well as for earning a good living for yourself.

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